BrightInfo makes every content experience count. Its real-time content personalization engine automatically serves your most relevant content to your audience on your website, ads, email and social media, boosting lead generation by up to 125%. BrightInfo requires no configuration, customization or integration and delivers value within minutes of activation. Visit to learn more.

Languages supported: English

Platforms: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: $$$$$

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8.0/10 (Expert Score) ★★★★★
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User in Non-Profit Organization Management

Advanced user of BrightInfo
A way to advertise (if you can figure it out)

What do you like best?

In theory, there are targeted marketing elements that Bright info offers that would be beneficial for users and consumers. You're able to import a lot of info that Bright info can host which is handy as well.

What do you dislike?

It's not easy or intuitive to use. There seem to be flaws in the design and little quirks so the changes that you are making on the backend aren't appearing on the front end. I've also not had great luck with the service support (unhelpful, unwilling to help solve issues, unresponsive, etc).

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Maybe you'd have better luck if you sit down and try to figure out all the little quirks, but at first blush (being assigned a handful of projects that have me working with Brightinfo) I found the experience frustrating. The software didn't seem to respond to the changes and edits I was making, and customer service wasn't what I would describe as helpful.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We currently are using BrightInfo to create relevant blog post pop-ups on our main blog page which has driven limited traffic.

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