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Why you can trust us

We are a small team of software experts who spend most of our time researching trying to understand what makes a software the best for a specific industry.​

We do not sell or resell the software. We do not develop the software either.

We review it and find out which one fits best to a particular use case. 

Our mission with this project is to help as many small business owners as possible to get their business run more efficiently and effortlessly which is only possible with the right software.

How is this service free? For some of the purchases that you make via our website, we may earn a small commission. However, we like to keep our reviews and ratings unbiased. That’s why we only recommend the best software regardless of whether we make money from it or not.

We also allow everyone to leave a review and share their experience of using the software. 

Industry Research
Before we even start looking for a software, we analyze the industry and try to understand the problems businesses face and what requirements they have for software.
Selecting products
After the initial research is done and all the requirements are collected, we match the requirements with the list of features every software present.
Analyzing reviews
Obviously, we can't test each and every piece of software out there. That's why we collect, process, and let our algorithms analyze hundreds and thousands of real world users reviews, complains and praises.
Manual testing
To make the final verdict we test what's considered the best software to understand if it really matches all the requirements businesses have for the software. We evaluate every software based on several criteria and give it a rating you can measure and compare.

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