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Oliver POS is a Point of Sale software that's simple, smart and easy to use. With one database and one platform, Oliver POS is the perfect integrated point of sale solution for your WooCommerce shop.

Languages supported: German, English, French, Hindi, Spanish

Platforms: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: $$$$$

Business Size: 1

6.0/10 (Expert Score) ★★★★★
Product is rated as #15 in category Antique Mall POS Software

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Oliver POS is a revolutionary Point of Sale system for WooCommerce. Built especially for physical shops, Oliver allows for the full integration of your WooCommerce and physical brick and mortar stores. With a single database and platform, it’s never been easier to sell products from your physical shop and your online shop.

With Oliver POS, everything is in one place; no need for multiple integrations, syncing with other systems, or manually updating inventory. This means Oliver is always in-sync with:
* WooCommerce Products
* WooCommerce Product Inventory
* WooCommerce Customers
* WooCommerce Orders
* WooCommerce Settings
* 1000’s of WooCommerce Plugins
* + More

With Oliver’s new Free Plan, you can sign up and get started for free with no credit card required.

= Made with Touch in Mind =

Oliver POS is designed to work with the devices you’ve already got. Whether that’s an iPhone, an Android tablet, or PC, we’ve got you covered. We support touch, mouse and keyboard entry. Plus, for shops with barcoded products, we support barcode scanners for quick checkout.

Don’t have a POS terminal? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Point of Sale Terminals, specially designed to work with Oliver POS.

Oliver is now fully compatible on all mobile devices, so you can have a fully functioning POS connected with your WooCommerce store anytime, anywhere you go!

= In-Depth Reports =

Oliver POS comes stocked with Reporting Tools to help you understand your store’s performance. Get the data you need to manage your shop more efficiently and effectively. Dive deep into the numbers with customizable reports detailing your sales in a clean, organized interface.

= Smart Integrations with the Tools You Already Use =

Oliver POS is built to work with thousands of WordPress and WooCommerce Extensions and Plugins. Integrating with the tools you already use helps Oliver seamlessly unite your online shop with your Point of Sale system. One click, zero headaches.

= Seamlessly Process Payments =

With Oliver POS you can split payments, use store credit, and give refunds. Oliver processes payments through debit, credit, cash, and gift cards.

Oliver POS has integrated with payment processing partners to make payments seamless. Completing a customer checkout automatically pushes the amount due to the payment terminal, processes the payment, and records the transaction inside WooCommerce.

= Hello Hardware =

Ready to sell? Oliver POS has a unique, sophisticated and intelligent Point of Sale Hardware for any type of sales location. Pop-up Shops, Mobile Shops or Brick and Mortar locations, Oliver POS can do it all.

Oliver’s new mobile hardware Oliver Go is now available for early access!

Oliver POS
Oliver POS

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Oliver POS Reviews

Administrator in Consumer Goods

Advanced user of Oliver POS
Good ideas, not ready yet

What do you like best?

Austin at customer service. Always available to answer the phone(which was strange actually) and very nice to work with.

What do you dislike?

Oliver POS seems to be built mostly for the world market. They don't have an iOS product, so we had to buy their Droid based hardware, which was clunky. The money slots didn't fit US dollars, and it was huge! The software isn't ready for distribution, it is still in development. We had many problems with lag times of 3-5 seconds after hitting a key, which really frustrated my staff. There were syncing problems with our Woo inventory, among other problems. We went back and forth with Austin for over 3 months and my staff finally had enough. We have since switched to Woo POS and so far, we are much happier.

If you are considering this system, insist that Oliver gives you actual references of businesses that are using it in their store. They look promising, so maybe at some point they will have a robust product.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We struggled with this system and had to return it.

Review source: G2.com

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