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Jenzabar One gives you the tools to be more engaged, responsive, and connected to students. It gives you the competitive edge you need to meet your enrollment and retention goals and helps your organization becomes agile and responsive to competitive pressures.

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Jenzabar One gives institutions the freedom to choose a solution that meets their needs today and tomorrow. Jenzabar One gives you the ability to adapt as your institution changes and technology evolves. Built to be highly adaptable, the Jenzabar One platform easily integrates to other software systems – those you currently use and others you might use in the future.

Jenzabar One
Jenzabar One

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Diane R.

Advanced user of Jenzabar One
Jenzabar One is a great tool for advising students

What do you like best?

Faculty and student advisors, as well as program directors, have all of the information at their fingertips to help the student progress through their program. This also helps the registrar's office. We no longer have to stop to respond to specific student academic history requests.

What do you dislike?

J One has worked well. The only downside is finding the time to train all of our faculty and advisors on using it. With teaching schedules as they are, it is a challenge for sure.

In the previous advising module, faculty could sort the registered advisees and the un-registered advisees. We are not able to do that in J One. If this is possible, I would love to know how to accomplish this. It would be helpful also to sort or see a snapshot of students that have holds on their accounts, as this prevents registration.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

I have worked with various versions of Jenzabar since 1998. I think it is a great product and has more functionalities than we are using.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The registrar's office is responsible for sending out countless reports throughout every trimester to faculty, academic leaders, and student advisors. The stakeholders are now able to pull up a student's academic record without requesting information.

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